Tickets for the IBSA Blind Football European Championships 2017 have begun. The first tickets will be available on the 18th of August, 7:30 pm. This ticket includes the opening ceremony and access to the first game.

The best view of the playing area are named “MainStand”. Access to the “fan curve” also offers a great view for all Football fans at a cheaper price.

Discount for families and groups

Euro 2017 is perfect for all ages. Bring along family, friends or even your football team to the arena. Tickets for families and groups are available on the website.

Disabled access

People of all abilities are welcome. We have 15 parking spaces for wheelchair users with free transportation to and from the arena. For people with a visual impairment there is a free headphone service.

Online or on the phone

Tickets can be ordered anytime Monday to Friday, 9 am-2pm on 030 / 3083387-140. Alternatively, you can buy the tickets on the website here